There is a Culture in the Gap

by Lily Liu.
The Educational Philosophies and Aspirations of the East and the West are Highly Consistent – To Make Individuals Become Better People.
As the principal of an internationalized bilingual school, I’m often asked about the key differences between the education at Dehong School and those within the traditional education system.
My typical response …

There is a Culture in the Gap
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Building a Strong School Culture in International Schools: Fostering Excellence and Identity in China

by Don Lyu.
In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, the concept of school culture stands as a cornerstone.
It not only defines the ethos of an institution but also lays the groundwork for effective education management and continuous instructional enhancement.
Nowhere is this truer than in the dynamic context of International Schools in China, …

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Founding Schools in Happiness

By Phil Mathe- Head of Student Opportunities at the British International School of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
Begun in 2014 by UNESCO Bangkok, The Happy Schools Project (HSP) offers an alternative approach to improving learning experiences by prioritising school happiness.
By focusing on well-being, engagement, and sense of belonging at school, the HSP helps foster …

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What Is An Effective School Culture?

By André Double- Founder & Author of Leading Your International School.
“If culture was a house, then language was the key to the front door, to all the rooms inside”.
  Khaled Hosseini, Afghan- born American novelist and physician  The Problem: If not careful, the international school leader can (unwittingly) create a culture of dependence.
The Solution: A …

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Achieving a Cultural Shift

By Timothy Glare- Vice Principal at China World Academy, Changshu, China.
No one wants to be the ‘bad guy’, but as a school leader, when it comes to making changes in school culture, having the courage of your convictions is everything.
  I always as myself two simple questions:    If a clear rationale is not present, …

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Cultural Relevance

By Chris Nash – International School Principal, Beijing.
  BA (cantab), PGCE, MA ( Education Management), NPQH One of the barriers to sustained high achievement and quality of learning which I have worked at as a school leader in an international context is cultural relevance.
What do we mean by Cultural Relevance?  Throughout my leadership career …

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