Leading Change in International Schools

by Joseph M. Cirelli

As an educational leader, one of the most significant challenges that you will face is leading and implementing change within your school. Educational systems are complex, and adapting to new initiatives can be a difficult process. In this blog, we will explore multiple strategies for leading and implementing change in your international school.

Develop a Clear Vision: 

While changing any initiative it is critical to establish a clear vision. Define the purpose, standards, goals, and expected outcomes for change. This vision should be communicated to all stakeholders in the educational community consisting of parents, teachers, and students. A shared understanding of the purpose and improvements of this change will lay a great foundation for successful implementation. 

Create a Collaborative School  Culture:

If you are able to create a collaborative school culture that has positivity and productivity at its heart, implementing change will be much easier. While all decision-making cannot be made by all of the stakeholders it’s important to include them as much as possible. Encouraging an open dialogue and ensuring teachers feel respected is vital. 

Effective Communication: 

Communication is essential for change implementation. Ensuring that the school community is updated frequently and effectively will make the transition much smoother. Clearly outline the reasons behind the change, the expected impact, the desired outcome, and the steps involved. Use a variety of communication methods, such as staff meetings, emails, newsletters, school group chats, and other online platforms to reach different audiences and ensure the educational community is well informed. 

Establish a Support Structure and Resources:

Implementing change can be quite overwhelming, especially for teachers who don’t have any prior experience with the new curriculum, program, or direction the school is taking. It’s crucial to provide the necessary support to your staff. Professional development opportunities will familiarize the staff with the new program and build their confidence in embracing change. Allocate sufficient time for planning, budget for materials, and information to facilitate a smooth transition. By providing the necessary support and resources you will empower your team to adapt and excel in the new environment. 

Foster a Growth Mindset: 

We try to instil a growth mindset into our students. We encourage them to be life-long learners. As educators, we must maintain the same mindset. Emphasize the importance of continuous learning, experimentation, and creativity. Create an environment where staff understand that change presents new challenges and opportunities for achievement. 

Celebrate Small Wins:

Celebrating small wins in your international school will help build momentum on the long journey of change. This will build team moral and teachers will feel more confident about the difficulties that may lie ahead. 

Observe, Interpret, and Intervene:

Regularly observe the progress of change and gather feedback from various stakeholders in the educational community. Interpret the effectiveness of the implementation strategies and make adjustments as needed. Reflect on the evaluations, preserve what is working and intervene where necessary to ensure the change is meeting the requirements. 

Leading change at an international school requires a strategic and mindful approach. By creating a clear vision, fostering a collaborative culture, communicating effectively, providing a solid support structure, encouraging a growth mindset, celebrating small wins, and sorting out information you can navigate the complexities of change and set your international school on a path of success. Keep in mind, that change is a journey that will have unique challenges but will be a transformative experience that may yield great outcomes for the educational community. 

Joseph M. Cirelli is the Academic Principal of Shenzhen American International School located in Shenzhen, China. 

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